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Geneuity’s contemporary technologies support an integrated molecular and biomarker approach to the evaluation of disease processes. We specialize in a broad range of customizable molecular and cellular testing platforms and have superior capabilities in:

  • Anatomic pathology supported by immunohistochemistry, chromogenic in situ hybridization, and molecular studies
  • Cellular and intracellular biomarker detection using 5 to 10 color flow cytometry and DNA cell cycle analysis
  • Gene expression, genotyping, and mutation analysis using Next Generation and Sanger sequencing; qualitative and quantitative PCR and fragment analysis
  • Chromosome and molecular analysis with cytogenetics and fluorescence in situ hybridization
  • Enzyme Immunoassay

Geneuity offers a comprehensive array of tests and services including custom protocol optimization and validation. Our platforms are available for custom assay design and validation, clinical research, and IVD/PMA data collection.

Cell based platforms

  • 5 color FC500® Flow Cytometer
  • 9 color Gallios Flow Cytometer
  • 10 color Navios Flow Cytometers
  • CellTracks® Analyzer
  • Leica ST5020 autostainer
  • Leica BondMax
  • Ventana Benchmark XT
  • Ventana Ultra
  • Leica embedding stations
  • Miles TissueTek VIP 2000 tissue processor
  • Aperio ScanscopeXT

Molecular platforms

  • Illumina® MiSeqDx™
  • ABI 7900, 7500, 3100, 310
  • Gen-Probe® TIGRIS® / DTS™  & PANTHER®
  • Luminex® 100™
  • Alere Triturus® T4
  • QIAGEN® Rotor-Gene® Q
  • Metafer 4 Imaging System

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