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Assay Validation, Biomarkers, Molecular Studies

Forward Thinking Biomarker Assay Development

While only 25% of patients benefit from anti-cancer regimes, the ability to improve responsiveness while reducing risk adverse events and cost is realizable with targeted therapy. Our understanding of cancer is changing, from anatomic site specific diseases to many more separate entities identified by molecular variations. Using diagnostics, the expression of genes and mutations within a single tumor reveal pathways that may be targeted by companion drug(s). Responding to treatment, adaptive tumor cells changing gene status indicate the continual need to further evaluate pathways and refine treatment options.

Geneuity offers a number of approaches for biomarker assay development from the broad perspective of sequencing to defined tumor suppressor genes and evaluation of cell surface biomarkers.

Platforms for development assays:


Leica ST5020 autostainer
Leica BondMax
Ventana Benchmark XT
Ventana Ultra

Flow Cytometry

Beckman Coulter Navios, Gallios, FC500 5 – 10 color multiparameter analysis

Molecular Biology

Illumina® MiSeqDx
ABI 7900, 7500, 3100, 310
Qiagen® Rotor-Gene Q
Gen-Probe® TIGRIS® / DTS™ , PANTHER®


Metafer 4 Imaging System


Luminex® 100
Alere Triturus® T4