Results of the study with the blood test Epi proColon® is now published in the journal of “Cancer Treatment and Research Communications” . Epigenomics AG announced that the results of the ADMIT study confirm that a blood-based colorectal cancer screening test has the potential to increase the participation in colorectal cancer screening compared to a fecal test.

MPLN’s Nicholas Potter and Geneuity’s Neil Quigley are co-authors on the recent paper in cancer treatment and research communications concerning colorectal cancer screening programs. This study compares uptake of an experimental blood test (Epi proColon IVD) with that of a FIT for colorectal cancer screening in an office setting. Dr. Potter provided study design, analysis, interpretation of data and statistical analysis. Dr. Quigley was the site principal investigator, providing study supervision and data acquisition. Additionally Geneuity’s Donald Henley, Kara Whitlock and Daniel Thomas provided technical assistance for the study.

Liles E.G, Coronado G.D, Perrin N, Howell Harte A, Nungesser R, Quigley N, Potter N.T, Weiss G, Koenig T, deVos T (2017) Uptake of a colorectal cancer screening blood test is higher than of a fecal test offered in clinic: A randomized trial Cancer Treatment and Research Communications. 10: 27–31

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